Certification Policy

The Management of CAPL Certification aspires to encourage awareness, comply environmental obligation, ensure safety & health and assist to continually enhance certification management issues within industry, trade and the community. We realize the significance of impartiality in carrying out our management system certification activities, handle conflict of interest and ensure the objectivity of our management system certification activities. We desire to accomplish our goals as a major worldwide accredited certification body. The reality that we understand in a good business sense involves effective management of our customers, personnel and certification process. It will be a basic and essential component of our

This is accomplished through:
• Providing an worldwide certification program in compliance with standards through unbiased and objective to all who desire to avail themselves of our service
• Delivering the customers with a professional service that is recognized to add benefit to their enterprise and satisfy their expectations,
• Caring for and valuing our personnel educate our personnel to deliver Audits that satisfy our clients, supervisory body and the requirements we set,
• Building an open exchange of information and facts with organizations and the community on the certification service that we provide,
• Constantly enhancing the certification service in various perspectives
• Operate a management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 17021.
• Meet any specific requirements of the IAF.
• Carry out business activities in a non-discriminatory manner.
• Ensure that audit activities are carried out in accordance with our scope of Accreditation and ISO 17021.
• Communicating this policy to our personnel, customers and interested people.
• Offer a service to the best of our abilities, which is independent and impartial and is seen to be fair, cost competitive and of high integrity.
• Undertake continual improvement in the way we conduct our business and the services we offer.
• Avoid imposing undue financial or other conditions on clients or potential clients.
• To ensure that our staff understands the philosophy of CAPL, and to equip them to Fulfil their talents, whilst operating to agreed formalized management systems.

• Establishing and Ensuring high value and credibility for the certification, through impartial and competent assessment; CAPL endeavours towards, a measurement of 100 % on degree of public confidence on the CAPL.
• Ensuring a higher competitive level of 95% KSA (knowledge, Skill & Attitude) of CAPL auditors and regular updating of its auditors’ knowledge and skills.
• Ensuring 100% effectiveness of control measures for the risks analysed for providing competent and impartial certification by CAPL.
• Prompt and 100% resolution of all client’s appeals and complaints and 95% for complaints by the users of certification (other than clients) by ensuring a fair appeals and complaints handling procedure;
• Ensuring higher responsibility for auditors and decision makers to assess sufficient evidences before a certification decision is made.